Pittsburgh vs. Paris. A Trial.

The Persons of the Play*

Mr. PITTSBURGH, a businessman
Mrs. PITTSBURGH, née PARIS, his wife [not present]

Act I Scene 1

JUSTICE: Mr. Pittsburgh… [shuffling papers]. You want to get a divorce from your wife, Mrs. Pittsburgh, née Paris. Is that correct?

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Staying Sane In The Age of Algorithm

We live the age of algorithm. They’re the magic sauce which keeps our machines running. Their omnipotence has grown to a point where some see our bodies’ and minds’ inner workings as algorithms[1] – just like former epochs saw the universe or a mechanical turk in every human being. And – like all men-made gods – algorithms, too, are demonized,

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The Awkwardness Of Being Liked

I feel awkward about being liked[1]. On the surface, of course, just like all of us, I like to be liked[2]: I smile when someone gives me flowers or offers me a glass of wine; I feel uplifted when my words and actions – or even trivial things like pieces of clothing I’m wearing – receive a compliment; I nod in friendly appreciation when my posts of home-made bread, rainbow bodied avatars, or witty bits of wisdom uttered by my son attract responses in my social media feeds.

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Petty Dictators of the Internet. A Rant.

This is not a rant about Donald Trump[1]. It’s also not a rant about the internet in general. Those who read my blog more regularly will know that I actually, factually revere the internet in all its momentous sparkling grandeur – as well as in its ability to make us face ourselves as human beings with all our shortcomings[2]. Instead, this is a more specific rant about how that very same digital space has the means to turn us all into petty dictators

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