Absorbing projections: When a movie says more than a thousand lives

I’m not a movie buff[1]. My favourite movies of all times are blockbuster kitsch romances[2], complicated stories with baroquesque soundtracks[3], and voluptuous film adaptations of morbid masterpieces of European literature[4]. There have been times in my life when years went by without me watching a single feature movie at all[5], and there have been times when I accidentally stumbled into watching several movies in a row that I hadn’t even chosen myself[6]. So, really, I don’t know anything about movies at all.

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On compliments, votes, and donations: When causes are bigger than choices

Life is a string of choices[1]. Some are very intentional, like selecting ice-cream flavours on a sunny day[2], some are relatively deliberate like picking a job, a mate, or a car[3], and for some, our rationales appear blurred and we ourselves doubt our influence on our decisions, so for lack of better explanations, we call it fate, destiny, karma, or science. Still, for most situations, most of us have figured out how to make our choices in ways that make us feel  consistent with who we think we are (or who we want to be)[4].

Today, I’m not going to talk about the seemingly “big” choices in life (or business)[5]. Instead, I want to talk about a particular kind of choice that presents itself the moment we deeply care about an ideal, a cause, or a principle.

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