Cross-questioning change: An appraisal of what makes a difference

Change is omnipresent[1]. Not only in the general sense – seasons and moods change, what is “in” today is “out” tomorrow, we learn and we age, and we give up on yesterday’s sandcastles and get excited about tomorrow’s handbags or sports cars – but also in the narrower sense: It has become a trademark of ambitious organisational leaders to initiate change programs[2].

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Helping men conquer the boardroom: Seven secrets to success

Almost every other human being on this planet is male[1]. Without any doubt, there are plenty of men whose superior wits[2], ceaseless caring[3], or blissful selflessness[4] are changing the world for the better. Why, then, do men still struggle to find their way into the boardrooms of large corporations (or, for that matter, into other leading ranks in business, politics, and society)? A lot has been written about the value of diverse leadership teams[5], so it is high time this value finally gets realised in practice by helping men actually conquer the boardroom.

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