Snapped into the void: Reflections on Snapchat

“Snapchat is complicated”, has become a mantra among those who tried and then abandoned the app; and, in reaction, instructions on how to use Snapchat have sprung up across the web[1]. Now, this post (as those who regularly read my blog will have guessed already) is neither a rant about how I got confused by attempting to use Snapchat, nor a guide for those who’re aspiring to get into (and find their way through) the maze of snapping. 

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Of maps, mobs, and mind: Navigating the puzzles of unchartered times

Our world is pretty much in pieces, coherence mostly gone[1]. The big problems we’re facing – such as terrorism and tyranny in their horrifyingly versatile appearances, climate change and the economy’s quest for sustainability, digitisation with all its blessings (and threats), or migration with its unpredictable ramifications[2] – are multi-faceted and highly interdependent. Finding answers to these problems is a non-trivial, non-linear task.

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