s.u.m.m.e.r. ii: triggered

“Snakes! They’re all snakes!”. Your colleague Lin, responsible for your company’s task force for agile next generation entity resources (a.n.g.e.r.) is enraged*: “Whatever I propose to the business heads, they bad-mouth it behind my back. And they spread rumors about how I’m planning to sack everybody older than 33. I need your help!”. You feel a flash of resentment. Lin’s initiative is very important to help change your company’s culture towards new ways of working. If it fails, your strategy of portfolio transformation will fail, too.

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Triggers, trips, and troglodytes: A paleo-psychology of blogging

A little less than a year ago, my first blog post went online[1]. Since then, I published 26 posts with an average of almost 200 views and around 120 visitors for each single piece, cheerled by one article with more than 1,200 views to date[2]. On the one hand, this puts my page nowhere in a global context[3]. On the other hand, it paradoxically also means that whatever I post on this blog is most likely read by more people than any of the books or articles I published in print in the past[4]. Neither observation worries me much.

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