The Banality of Morals

Today is April 2nd, 2020. As of today, the Johns Hopkins University’s Corona Virus Resource Center reports well over 900,000 confirmed cases globally and just short of 50,000 deaths[1]. Compared to when I wrote my last post two weeks ago, this is more than four times the number of confirmed cases and more than five times the number of deaths. Three countries – the United States, Spain, and Italy – now count more confirmed cases than the whole of China, where the virus originated, and the death toll in all three countries has also surpassed China’s.

Many countries have reacted to the situation with sigificant lockdowns, cancelling all public events, closing schools, universities, shops, and restaurants, and confining citizens to their homes. According to recent analysis, these lockdowns have already prevented another 60,000 deaths in Europe alone[2].

At the same time, the lockdowns are creating political, economic, social, and psychological challenges of a magnitude which most countries have not witnessed for decades.

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